Prized collections of Krakow Museum of Pharmacy are on display throughout all premises of historical, 14th century building located at Floriańska 25 street, taking up all Gothic cellars, then spread out through the rooms on all three floors, and ending up right at the attic. Those comprise a variety of pharmacy furnishing in different styles (Baroque, Empire, Biedermeier), pharmaceutical vessels from different eras, including a vast collection of majolica from various European manufactures, old medicinal ingredients of vegetable, mineral and animal origin (including human ones, e.g. fat), original emblems (coats of arms) of various pharmacies, pharmacy-themed stained glass windows, old pharmacy utensils (mortars, presses, filters, pill-making machines, dragee-making drums, herb slicers and grinders), old prints (e.g. Greek-Latin edition of the complete works of Hippocrates, medieval and early modern pharmacy textbooks, official and unofficial listings of medications, herbal books, handwritten manuals). The Museum also accommodates a thematically-oriented exhibition entitled: „What is left of ancient Krakow’s pharmacies”. And finally, a collection of modern paintings clearly inspired by the Museum’s prized artefacts.

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